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Free Guide: Add Value and Improve User Experience With Better Haptics

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This Guide Shows How to Add Value to Your Devices with Haptics

Haptics can enhance significantly the user experience of your device.

This guide shows results from various studies to let you know how haptics improve UX and where to start integrating them to your designs.

This Guide Gives an Update on Recent Piezo Technology Advancements

Piezo haptics aren't new, but they recently made huge leaps in terms of efficiency and are now the most efficient technology available. This free guide will give you a better understanding of piezoelectric haptics technologies and how they can improve your device user experience. *Our CapDrive technology makes piezo the most efficient haptic technology by an order of magnitude.

About Boréas Technologies

Boréas Technologies Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company commercializing product-differentiating integrated circuits for haptic applications in consumer and industrial markets.  

With origins in research conducted at Harvard University, Boréas was founded in 2016 in Bromont, Québec.  

Its proprietary piezoelectric actuator driver technology platform, CapDrive, enables the rapid design of low-power HD haptic feedback in wearables, smartphones, game controllers and other devices.

CapDrive technology is the name of our scalable high-voltage driver architecture. It has been designed from the ground up specially for piezoelectric actuators. The ultimate goal was to offer the best performance and the lowest power consumption to unlock the full potential of piezo actuators.  

The BOS1901 single-chip piezo actuator is our first product based on the CapDrive technology.  

Simon Chaput - CEO Boréas Technologies